Three years ago, our wispiest-haired sprite was born.

Prasil (72) Prasil (75)

My life with Ollie didn’t start the same as my life with the others. She was sick and spent the first week of her life on antibiotics. Several days under an oxygen hood with wacky levels (I don’t know proper terms, okay?) and I couldn’t hold her or feed her. I pumped and used up all the room in the tiny NICU fridge for that liquid gold. It was scary, not because I didn’t think she’d get better (I knew she would) but because I had four little ones at home who I missed terribly and a newborn baby who didn’t know what it felt like to be snuggled by mama all day long.

She found out pretty quickly and she got better and eight days after she was born (I think it was eight) I brought her home.

She’s our happiest. She grins at everything and usually does so while also crinkling up that little nose and shrugging her shoulders.

Prasil (6)

She can hardly believe she’s a big sister and takes her job very seriously.

She sucks her two fingers while pulling a 1” strip of that wispy, fine, thin hair between her eyes, rubbing it across her nose.

She sleeps as close to me as possible every. single. night. I’m both over it and scared for it to end at the same time.

She loves princesses and playing house and was potty trained right at the 2 year mark. She has a great memory and a soft, sweet voice. She thinks her older siblings are the best and is always up for playing. She doesn’t put up a fight when I load her in the car 10 million times a day to run kids around. She doesn’t take naps anymore but sometimes it’s just too hard to fight and she’s dead asleep by 2:00pm. She adores Dawn and Lance and I think would be very happy to split her time equally between our house and theirs.

Unlike some other girls in this house, she never puts up a fight when I put pants and a shirt on her instead of a dress. It could have a picture of a monster on it, be black and drab and she’ll grab it, scrunch up her nose and say, “I LUB it!!!”

She claims Bellamy is her best friend and asks to play with her at least once a day. I think that might last through high school at least.

She seems so much still like my baby and now she’s three. THREE! How lucky are we?


2 thoughts on “Tres

  1. Lynne

    I am smiling.👿 and am so happy and lucky to be a surrogate grandma. She is everything that you said about her and thank you for sharing her with us. XOXOXO.


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