Be silly.

Be honest.

Be kind.

My friend Mariah (OK, maybe she is a friend of my friend Whitney, and I may not have actually ever met her in person, but I am going to claim her) owns Big Sky Baby Co and Francesca has several of her shirts with really sweet messages written on them. This is one. I wrote a couple blog posts about the new year and about 2015, and they were just a little too deep for me. I erased them all and rewrote. Because I can do that. Here it is.

Be silly, be honest, be kind. This is my motto for 2016. Life is far too short to be grumpy and filled with drama and be hateful and stingy and selfish. In 2015 I got a little too worried about everyone liking me and trying to please everyone and mending broken relationships when other people so clearly were not grown-up enough to do the same. So 2016 will be full of my new motto.

I am going to be as happy as possible. I’m going to be silly and spontaneous and do things that make my family happy as long as they certainly don’t hurt others. I will be honest: both with myself and what I want and deserve and with my family and friends. I won’t cater to others to the detriment of my family or my own happiness. I won’t be worrying so much about if people like me or if they may have misinterpreted something I said or did. I certainly can’t control how people see me or how they read into things I say or do. All I can do is make sure I am kind and not malicious. After that, it is on them. I will do things because I know and believe they are the right thing to do, not because I think someone would like it if I did it or I might be hurting someone’s feelings by not doing it. That was a confusing sentence, but it makes sense to me.

I won’t be missing out on friendships or relationships that are fun and positive and happy and put myself in other situations that make me disappointed or sad or upset. That is just silly.

Because life is too short, and this is not a rehearsal.

I am beyond lucky to have the family I have. That includes friends. I’m able to do things and see things that I know many people aren’t able to do and I do not take that for granted. I struggle with anxiety but I’m so lucky that I’m able to get care and medication to help me deal with it. I know that lots of people are lost. Jamie  has autism and I feel so blessed that I have people around me willing to help us figure life out and make things easier for him, that we are able to see someone on a regular basis who is a professional in dealing with struggles that people with autism face every day. All of my children are able to receive an education and for that I am thankful. Should anything happen to them and their health, we are able to provide them with medical care. Much of the world cannot. One of my best friends can marry his boyfriend if that is what they want, and it makes my heart extremely happy. That right isn’t given to everyone.

My point is, this life is too incredible to waste time on sad, disappointing, toxic, and frustrating things if we can help it. It would be such a waste of the beautiful things to do and see and experience. I’m lucky and I’m not going to take it for granted.

Cheers to 2016 and being silly, honest, and kind.

And hopefully skinny.


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