A little place called assssspen. 

I mean McCall. (Have you guys seen Dumb and Dumber and can you quote the entire movie like me? I mean, based on the title of my post, I’m pretty good at it.)

This year, Danny decided to take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off. I can say confidently that winter is his favorite time of year and snowboarding is his very favorite thing to do. How lucky that his parents have a place in McCall that we can use? (Our biggest hope for this next year is that we might get a piece of land and put a small cabin on it for next year. Cross your fingers for us.)  we packed up the kids, separately because of something I forgot I had to do back home, and ended up in McCall. We have had the best time and it isn’t even over yet. 

We have hit up the Hot Springs, played outside in the snow, gone snowboarding, eating delicious food, had friends over, celebrated a birthday, watched television and played video games, read magazines, you name it. I forgot my nice camera,so you’re   left to view pictures from my phone. Meh. Enjoy.



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