Today, Jamie is nine.

My favorite boy.

Nine years ago, he came quickly in the tiniest delivery room imaginable (the nurse told us they used it to store extra stuff but it was the only room available). He came so fast a doctor was literally pulled from the hallway in the last seconds to deliver him and only had time to glove-up.

He’s kept us on our toes ever since.

I was not prepared to parent a Jamie. I think more often than not I still feel like I’m ill-equipped. I want so badly to know what’s going on in his genius little mind. I want to know why he cries for seemingly no reason or why certain sounds will send him into a meltdown. I’d love to know what he finds so fascinating about Greek gods and how he reads so quickly with such perfect recall. I want to be able to help him exactly how he needs me at exactly the time he needs it.

I’m trying.

What I do know for sure, though, is that Jamie is beautiful. He has eyes as chocolate as the most delicious chocolate fountain you’ve ever seen. His lips are the perfect shape in the most perfect shade of rosy pink. His dark olive skin browns like a berry in the summer and keeps its tan throughout the winter. I know for sure that Jamie is the sweetest big brother. His baby talk to the little ones is unnecessary but they love it. They think he is hilarious and his effort does not go unnoticed. He surprises us with his patience with them and it’s one of his gifts. He doesn’t get rattled when Francesca crawls into his Lego building space or Ollie grabs his video game remote. He corrects them, but gently. I know that Jamie is as smart as the ocean is deep. He knows so much about so many things and if he’s curious, he finds out. He loves knowing things and he loves sharing his knowledge. His love of reading rubs off onto his siblings and he’s never seen without a book in his hands.


I know he is the most loyal friend anyone could hope to have. He will stay your friend regardless of what you say or do to him. He will humor you and laugh at your jokes, follow your orders, or go along with your plan. He loves friends like he loves family.

I know that Jamie is a gift to our family and has taught me first hand the notion that being different is not less. In Jamie’s life, being different is the very best thing about him and we wouldn’t trade it for a million sames.

Happiest birthday to the one and only James Flynn. The boy who makes me laugh every day and who keeps my brain working. We are so lucky you are ours and we hope your next trip around the sun is the best yet.


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