I felt like this Christmas season was the shortest I’ve ever experienced. Honestly, I feel like it was just a couple weeks ago we had Thanksgiving. It crept up on us for sure, but we enjoyed every second of it.

We started with Christmas Eve at Danny’s parent’s house. His sister was in town with her husband and son so we ate lunch with them and had Christmas after.

xmas15-5158 xmas15-5303 xmas15-5307 xmas15-5231 xmas15-5152 xmas15-5147 xmas15-5161 xmas15-5204 xmas15-5169

The kids had fun but were so tired. I guess that’s what happens when you get spoiled rotten.

We went home for just a little bit before heading to children’s Mass. Jamie has a hard time in church as do all the girls except Maria. Okay, so basically my kids hate church. After 20 minutes (15 of which was a nativity play that, if I might have an opinion, should have been the homily) my kids were done so I took them to the cry room. That’s where Jamie proceeded to write “SOS” on a piece of paper and hold it up to the big windows facing the congregation in the hopes that a member might see it and come to his rescue, taking him home. It didn’t happen. We were in there for quite a while until church was over and we booked it to my parents where it’s been tradition for as long as I can remember to have burgers as Christmas Eve dinner. We ate and played games and had a nice night.

xmas15-5327 xmas15-5334

Of course, it being Christmas Eve, the kids didn’t get to sleep until 11:30 which meant Danny and I were doing stockings till midnight. It was fine, we usually don’t go to sleep until after that anyway, but we were unusually tired.

Christmas was fun. The kids had a blast, loved everything, and were so happy.

xmas15-5341 xmas15-5344 xmas15-5349 xmas15-5353 xmas15-5359 xmas15-5375 xmas15-5398 xmas15-5388 xmas15-5414


This is the picture that makes my heart flutter:


Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!


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