Tonight all the kids had their school Christmas programs — Maria and the little ones. They all scored new duds for the event and were all pretty excited to get ready and sing with their friends.


Scratch that.

Jamie was not excited.

This year has been a bit overwhelming for him to say the least and getting on stage was the last thing he wanted to do. But I talked to him a bit beforehand and I didn’t force him (I know better) but asked if he might be willing to at least try.

I kid you not, he gave me a hug, said, “I love you Mom. I’ll do it.” And he did.

He may have gotten some rude glares from the girl next to him a few times and he might have been a little too energetic and talkative and I might be the only one who knew how brave he was for doing it (I read a post from a sweet friend of mine whose son described himself as being brave for going up on stage when he was very nervous and it reminded me so much of Jamie!) and that’s okay.

Charlotte was in her element and loved it.



Alice enjoyed it, I think, but she is awfully shy.


It was short and sweet, the best kind of Christmas programs (thank you Megan!) which meant we could scurry as fast as we could 15 minutes away to get to Maria’s in time to watch her sing.


Maria sang beautifully but the little kids? You guys, they were horrible.

Ollie kept pretending to conduct the band and then also sang really loud. But that was in between hops and jumps and screams up and down the aisle. Alice was just loud. Much too loud. Francesca wanted to nurse so badly but the zipper on my coat was broken and stuck at the top so I couldn’t zip down enough to give her what she wanted. Charlotte decided 1/2 way through she needed to use the bathroom (which meant they all paraded together) and finally it was over.


One more day before break starts. Maria has school, the other kids don’t, and my mom and I are headed up to Spokane for last minute shopping.

Cross your fingers we get snowed in and have to stay at the Davenport a couple days….


1 thought on “Programs

  1. Megan Chavez Anderson

    The kids were so sweet and many of us were so proud of Jamie for deciding to go on stage with his friends. It was there very best performance! Also, I am so happy you were able to make it to Maria’s too!!! I felt so bad that the concerts were on the same night! We work so hard with all of the children. to accept them just as they are and are ready for them to choose whether or not to perform. Amy, Lindsay and I were beyond happy that Jamie was on stage!


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