(whiskers on kittens)

Every year I host a party around the holidays with my friends and it goes like this:




It’s so much fun. Mostly because people stress about if their gift is good enough or cool enough or worth enough and it makes me laugh because it would be just fine if someone chose five ticonderoga pencils.

Ya know what makes a party? Your favorite peeps and good food and drink. Boom. Party on.



My favorite thing this year was a party pack.


Ruthie loves to party (that should be very clear at this point).

Ban.Do is the go-to for fun, silly, quirky, totally unnecessary party items. Throw in some tattoos and some mini champagne and you can take your party anywhere.


What else was a favorite item by my guests?

  • hair products
  • cute colored pencils and coloring books
  • lip gloss
  • blue cheese spread
  • scarf
  • starbucks

and lots more. My friends are the greatest. We had a great time and I’m 100% sure I’ll do it again next year.

(but maybe not on a Nutcracker weekend and a time when Daddy is out of town….


santa-4580 santa-4582

…Nutcracker prep was done during the party and this little monster (kidding) runs the show)


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