ONE (1)

You are one and I can hardly believe it.


The past year with you has been my favorite year of my life because I know that now our life is complete with you here. You complete my 1/2 dozen kittens and you do it perfectly. You make having a baby look like a breeze and having 6 is so easy when it means you’re in the mix.

Each of you has qualities I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world and you have a way about you that is easy-going. You take things in and you aren’t in a rush. You snuggle and are content and you also have moments when you are playful and silly.

I get asked weekly if I “think we are done yet.”

We are done. I would have five more babies if I could. But our number is six. And, to be honest, having you be our last makes ‘no more babies’ a lot easier to swallow. I am savoring every breath of you being my baby, so if you had plans to walk soon, forget it. I’ll carry you.

Sometimes I’m busy making big kids’ lunches or driving to ballet or doing the dishes or laundry or vacuuming. Sometimes you have to wait for me and I promise that in your second year, I’m going to try harder to make other things wait so you don’t have to.

Happiest birthday, beautiful Franci.



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