Sometimes when you are throwing your last 1st birthday party, you go out with a bang. You blow up giant balloons and get 3′ posters printed of your baby’s face and you think of the most ridiculous theme:

DJ Franci Pants.



Now that is a cute baby.

We went with a black and white theme because nothing screams 1 year old baby girl quite like a monochromatic palette am I right?!


We gathered up our favorite people, fed them, and then partied with them.

Prasils know how to party.

Luckily, so do our friends! We did karaoke which of course was the highlight of the party. And of course gifts. Because….gifts.

(that chair is from these lovely people:


…Franci’s godparents. Funny story. We got that gift for her on Friday when we went shopping. I didn’t wrap it because I was going to wait until her actual birthday to set it up and stuff. Boom, Leers come rolling in with it. Which is classic because on the twins’ first birthday, I swooped in and did the same thing with a horrible dragon toy. Karma, man.)


Franci loved the cake. So did I because it was a $7 walmart cake. WALMART!!!

She dig right in.


We popped bottles.


We ate.

We played.

We slept.


We sang.


And some of us hid away in the bedroom where no noise is good noise.




And now or last FIRST birthday party is over and tears may or may not have been shed.

But can we please take a moment to look at this photo?


Heart eyes a million times.


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