Picking it Back Up

I haven’t taken photos for other people for a really long time. I used to do it as a small business – I wanted to do it once a week or so but Ruthie has a hard time saying, “No.” I ended up doing it quite often which led to me being on the computer editing in my free time or out taking photos. I was saying, “Not right now,” or, “Just let me do this for xxxx more minutes,” to the kids more often than I was playing with them or reading to them or listening to them or enjoying them. That made me sad, so I took a step back. I bought a nicer camera, but just for us – our family. Every once in a while, though, I have an excuse to pick my camera back up and take pictures of my friends and even people I’ve never met before. The excuse this time is one of our favorite girls, Emma.

Emma’s mom is Dawn and Dawn watches our little girls a few times a week. Now, if Dawn was just a babysitter, I probably wouldn’t feel so close to her. But Dawn is more like a second mom/grandma to my girls. Sometimes, when the girls want to ask me something or get my attention, they will accidentally call me Dawn. When they wake up, the first thing they ask is, “Is it a Dawn day?” They tell Dawn and Lance that they love them and Charlotte even says, “Can’t you snuggle me like Dawn does?” Dawn is more like family than anything else so I will jump at the chance to help them out. Emma is raising money to go to Disneyland with her choir and since I happen to love Disneyland as much as I love Dawn, I used this as an excuse to take pictures. For a set fee I had mini sessions  and gave the money to Emma to use for her trip to Disneyland. The choir is doing other fundraiser like selling coffee and fruit, but they only get a small percentage of that. 100% is a much nicer percentage.

She better bring me back a churro.

Sometimes I forget how much I like taking photos.

sat-1043 Friday-0666 sat-1362 sat-1378-2   sunday-9139 JEN-9044 nov11-0334

Friday-0892 sunday-9633 giolitti-8846-2

But then I’m really glad when it comes to an end and I can continue to just take pictures of my babies.

Photographers are in it to win it, man. I forgot how cut throat it can be. Here’s a fact: everyone knows at least one friend who is a photographer. Whether they have been doing it for years, have just started, are really good or whose talent is questionable…the affordability of DSLR cameras means that tons of people get to try their hand at the whole photography thing which is great! I think it’s wonderful when someone who has a passion is able to follow it. But when there are (literally) a hundred or more photographers in a small-ish area like where we live, the competition gets a little nuts. I’m very very happy to back out.

But let’s be honest — I’ll always also be very happy (and probably force my way in…) to shoot my friends once a while, too.


2 thoughts on “Picking it Back Up

  1. Jennifer

    This made me tear up Ruthie. You are so special, talented and have such a great heart. Your kind words hold so true to my mother. Our family sure loves your little girls.


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