Day in the Life

All the time I’m asked several questions:

“How do you do it?!” – usually asked when I’m asking for a donation for something. Sorry. People are surprised, I think, that I’m able to have outside things going on.

“Are you just tired all the time?” Uhhh…yes.


“What is your day like?”

My days are all different. Some days I’m super busy running kids around to different places and I’m only home for a total of 20 minutes in the day. Other days I only do drop off and pick up and I’m home the 6.5 hours in between. Sometimes I do laundry, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes there’s dance, other days there is violin. Danny’s out of town a lot and sometimes I have Willow Center or Bunco. I chose a random Wednesday for this particular “Day in the Life” post.

We sleep late. The kids hate waking up early and, really, who can blame them? Especially when their parents never really learned how to enforce strict bedtimes so bedtime varies; sometimes it’s 8:00pm and sometimes it’s 10. That makes mornings a little difficult. *sigh* I wonder what it’s like to be a perfect parent.

We wake up between 7 and 7:15. Showers are taken the night before (I mean, if at all) so our mornings really only require getting dressed and eating. I lay all their clothes out the night before so all they have to do is find their clothes and put them on, or bring them to me to help. Easier said than done, as with all things. Sometimes the pants are too itchy, sometimes the shirt isn’t pretty enough and if it’s a boy color and not a girl color? Game over. We usually fight a bit but threats are made, privileges revoked, and clothes get put on. Breakfast is never fancy. Always one of 3 choices: waffles, toast or cereal.

DITL-9975 DITL-9979 DITL-9982

They have x amount of time to finish their breakfast and milk and if they don’t finish it in time, they take it with them in the car. Usually they choose oatmeal which gets eaten asap (because who can resist that brown sugar topping) but if it’s toast…it’s a long process.

Hair is tied back, shoes are put on and we’re ready to go.

DITL-9980 DITL-9983

When I leave the house, every single day, it looks like this:

DITL-0004 DITL-0005 DITL-9984

There is no reason for those cupboards to be open. But they are. Every morning.

But I don’t even care because by this point we are usually running late. Ya know…every single morning. Maria gets to school by 8:00am and I’m not sure how we do it but we are always right on time. Even if we’re running late. Does that even make sense?! But this day she didn’t have school so it was right to the little kids’ school by 8:30.


My favorite part of the day:


Americano with white chocolate, please.

Here’s the thing: it’s not even that I love that coffee so much. Most the time, I don’t even finish it. The routine is what I like. When I start my morning the same way every day, it feels familiar and it feels doable. I see my pals in the Starbucks drivethru and we head home.


Those tiny toes are still in PJs so she gets changed right away.

DITL-0013 DITL-0020 DITL-0024

She follows me around like a puppy after I feed her which is fine with me because I know she’s not getting into trouble.

But this one?


I always have to watch this one closely. She likes to climb and get as many snacks as she can all day long.

DITL-0008 DITL-0011

Quite frankly, she could use a little meat on those bones so I usually cave and let her have the snacks every time. And while she’s snacking away, I do things like laundry and vacuuming.


Vacuuming takes .2 seconds…but laundry takes FOREVER. Usually because I don’t do it all at once, I do bits and pieces here and there until I realize our laundry room has turned into Mt. Vesuvius and needs remedied. I hate laundry.

So I usually sneak away to do some computer work. Blog posts for Willow Center, photo editing, web surfing, online shopping cart building…really important work.


{that baby on the screen is that baby on the floor…..sad face}

While I do that, I get a sitter for Olive.

DITL-0028 DITL-0029

I once said my kids wouldn’t watch tv during the day. That only applies to the big kids who watch tv on weekends only (usually) but this girl gets her fair share.

And finally after all of that it’s time to go get Charlotte and Wyatt and take them all up to Dawn’s.

DITL-0043 DITL-0046

(on this particular day, Maria stayed with friends because it was a no-school day so I picked her up and she went to help in Alice’s class for the afternoon)DITL-0047

Back at home, I unloaded the dishwasher, shampooed the carpets downstairs (Scout has a bit of a bladder infection which means he’s been peeing on the carpet. So gross.), cleaned up more mess (it’s an ongoing chore), swept the floors, vacuumed again (because vacuuming is something I’m obsessed with) and then cleaned out the car.

DITL-0032 DITL-0034 DITL-0035 DITL-0036

I do this usually once a week. Because, ya know, eventually the kids need clothes and shoes.

Seriously, they ALL take off their shoes and socks and jackets in the car and then the next day claim they have no idea where they are so they put on new ones. It just accumulates in the back seat and it’s horrible. And there’s absolutely NO REASON for scissors to be in the hands of any of the children while driving. Dear lord.

And then it’s pickup time.

I normally go get Maria and then the other school kids and then the little kids from Dawn’s. On this day I went to get the little kids first from Dawns and then the school kids.


So happy to see me…and my milk was about to burst.

Back at home we do a clean up, we read, we do homework, I get dinner out and ready (for danny to make usually, although he had been gone for a couple days so I did it) and we play/run/yell/dance out some energy.


What’s that saying? The days are long but the years are short? I hate to say it’s true because I really hate sayings like that. But it is. It’s true. We went to bed late that night…with 4 kids in bed with us (Jamie and Maria sleep on their own). I sleep all cramped up because Danny is smart and makes a pillow barrier. Him on one side, me and the kids on the other. I kind of hate him for it…but I also kind of like waking up in the middle of the night to feed Franci and feeling Ollie stir next to me. Charlotte likes to have her head on me somewhere and Alice will sometimes just whisper a quiet “I love you, Mama.” I’m not making that up. I’ll think she is dead asleep and I’ll hear it. I know these years are short and that I’m exhausted and sometimes I wanna run away and spend forever on a warm sandy beach…but most of the time I like just where I’m at. Running around with my kittens.

Here’s just one. One day in the life.


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