Halloween 2015: part 2

It was a weird Halloween.

 Danny was gone the week leading up to it and 80% of the actual day of Halloween. So I did it all myself. Which is fine, but not quite as fun. We started festivities on Wednesday with our kid party which took us into Thursday’s school Halloween parties and eventually Friday.

On Friday Maria had her first choir performance and she did so well. I was so proud of how confident and positive she was. It might have helped that I picked up her two very best friends and took them with me to watch her.



After school she had ballet so while she was dancing, I took the girls to the downtown trick-or-treat thing. Jamie chose to stay home.


I let them choose their own costumes, 100%. That’s a hard one for me. Day 1 Charlotte chose a bat (she chose Belle for Halloween night), Alice chose a storm trooper, Ollie chose a witch, Maria was Wonderwoman and Franci was a pig.

Do you even know the kinds of creative I would have come up with?! I’m talking Wizard of Oz or Lord of the Rings or Circus or ANYTHING BUT FREE CHOICE!!

Sometimes being an easy going parent is sucky. Thank God it doesn’t happen very often.


[dawn gave each of the kids a goody bag full of fun. charlotte tore into that sucker as soon as she could]

Friday night, Maria had 2 Halloween parties: 1 at the bowling alley and 1 at a friend’s house. Having the 6 kittens alone made it really hard to do transport all day long, all by myself. For the nighttime parties, the kids were NOT happy with me at having to get in and out of the car every 2 hours for more taxi time. I bribed them with treats.

On Saturday Alice had her last soccer game (WOOHOO!) and she even scored a goal. SHE SCORED A GOAL!!!

Here’s a little insider fact about big families: kids rarely get to do things alone, things that are just for themselves. Alice had a soccer pizza party and she begged me to just let her be the one to go and not “all the kids.” I wasn’t sure how to make that happen with Dan being gone, but I also knew it was really important to her to have this one thing. Luckily, my cousin Abbey is the sweetest and my kids just adore her and think she basically is magic, so she said she would take Alice and hang out with her there. Oh, it made her day. Then we had Pumpkin-Palooza downtown. Maria danced and the rest of us trick-or-treated.

halloween2015-1-2 halloween2015-2-2 halloween2015-3-2 halloween2015-4

The streets are wet because it was rainy.

Happy Halloween.

After that we had a little down time.

But then it was time to go out again. It was raining cats and dogs and I swear that if I didn’t know for a fact I’m not losing it, I might have thought we had the wrong day for Halloween. We were the ONLY ones out trick or treating. I know it was raining, but really?! After about an hour of walking around we headed back home where our pals met us and we decided to go out again. All in all, it was a good Halloween. Cold and wet, but fun.

halloween2015-5 halloween2015-6

Jamie isn’t pictured at all, in case you didn’t notice.

We’re learning how to be the best parents for him. When to let things go – knowing what’s important and what’s not. There are some things that he needs to learn and try and attempt in order to both be a good person and be successful in life. Dressing in costume and participating in Halloween isn’t one of them. I’m not sure I would have let him just stay home had this been any previous year. I might have made him just suck it up and put on a mask just to be with us and be ‘normal’ and ‘have fun.’ Believe it or not, I’ve become a bit wiser over the course of the last 9 months or so and I’ve tried really hard to see the world from Jamie’s eyes and only then make a decision or help him make a decision when it comes to social things. And make those decisions so they are best for him…not us.

It’s hard.

I want really badly for him to love doing things with us, no matter what it is and I’d love to have him in that picture of all the kids in costume. But I’m not going to force him to put on a costume just so I can say he did it. I’m not going to make him knock on strangers doors and talk to them and look them in the eyes and collect candy he’ll never eat just because that’s what most kids are doing. He had a very nice night staying home and watching TV and reading…and I’m okay with that now.

We will see what next year brings but as for this year, we had a very Happy Halloween.


2 thoughts on “Halloween 2015: part 2

  1. Marlene Stellmon

    Ruthie, Please let me know if you can when the kids are having a “performance”. I want to attend if possible.


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