Time Out

It’s very, very rare that I have more than 20 minutes to just do anything I want. I suppose I could do that all day, every day, but then laundry would never get washed and put away, food would never be made, the floors would be sticky and dirty, beds would be a mess, kids would be hungry and dirty…you get the picture.

Dan has been gone all week and will be back Saturday. When he’s gone, I have a really odd obsession with the house being totally clean, picked up, vacuumed, laundry done, no dishes, etc. so that when he comes back, it’s like I’ve proven to him that I’m fine and he can go and do fun things and all hell has not broken loose. Which is really funny because he knows I’m fine and he’d be okay coming back to a house with laundry spilling out the windows, dishes in the sink and crumbs on the floor. I guess it’s just for me then. But I spent all morning making sure things were clean and tidy so come this afternoon, I had nothing.

Except some outside time with my princesses.

falloutside-8397 falloutside-8384 falloutside-8380

See? Literally princesses. I don’t call my girls my princesses…

We rolled some white butcher paper out (best bang for your buck when it comes to drawing paper for your kids, I’m telling you. COSTCO!) and colored our hearts out.


Jamie drew with us for a bit and created a map for “Dino Island”

falloutside-8390 falloutside-8409

Charlotte was busy on her kitty cat family.

And Ollie was busy with stickers.

falloutside-8400 falloutside-8407 falloutside-8405

I was busy painting.


They are going to be wicked witches of the west. My  friend Liz has a GIANT collection of peg dolls and when I asked her where she got them all and how she got them so quickly, she pointed me in the direction of a FB group run by a lovely woman. Every couple of months there are a couple peg doll swaps. You sign up for a character in the theme of that swap (duh, this one is Wizard of Oz plus I’m doing Alice in Wonderland) and make one for each person signed up. There are 9 in this swap so after everyone has mailed theirs in, the organizer (Katrina) will mail each set out so you end up with a set of themed peg dolls. We just received our Disney princes + princesses set and the kids LOVE THEM. If you want to join the swap, let me know and I’ll add you to the group. Katrina mentioned that if I knew of anyone interested, I should invite them. It’s a bit time consuming but if you have little ones who love playing with dolls/figures, it’s worth it.

Okay, back to our time out — it was wonderful. The sun made us just warm enough to be outside without our jackets, but the breeze was cool enough to be refreshing. I had nothing I had to do and the kids were content and occupied.

I got this.


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