Halloween Festivities: part 1

The Prasils are pretty good at throwing parties.

What I mean by that is: we supply lots of drinks and food. Friends love drinks and food.

Last Friday night, Danny and I hosted a grown-up Halloween party and it was a blast.


(kill room a la Dexter)


(child ghosts are always the creepiest)


(“I will not look in the window….” — in the window to the left we had the grossest clown skeleton outside)


(bloody hand prints of course)

hw-7992 hw-7994

(those window decals were the best)


(lots of choices here)

We invited lots of friends and had lots of fun. Parents need to have fun once in a while and when you’re with fun and close friends, it’s easy to do that and not worry too much.

Last night we had a kiddie party – I let the kids each invite 3 friends and then I filled in with our best pals who the kids knew would be invited regardless.

lbh-8295 lbh-8299 lbh-8300

We had mummy dogs, pulled beef, hot chocolate (don’t buy cheap chocolate chips and melt them because the oil separates and it’s unappetizing…I’ll stick to the good stuff from now on), sparkling cider, lots and LOTS of little friends and their parents and a really fun time. Why do I love my group of friends? They don’t care if the house is a little messy or our white (yes, WHITE) carpet is gross or if there are toys everywhere and I look a little disheveled and tired. They come and party with us. We love our friends.

This weekend is full. Like….we have something almost every hour. Halloween is exhausting.


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