What is Perfection?


Perfection is rummaging through drawers and finding this.

It’s torn from a box of outside hanging lights my grandpa randomly gave to us one Spring…when Alice was new.

My grandma had been gone for 5 years about, I think, and my grandpa’s mental health was not 100%. Add alcohol to the mix and it’s a rough time.

But perfection is knowing that in the mix of all of what was happening inside his head, there was not a doubt that he loved his family. His handwriting was a little shaky, the gift itself was odd and off-the-wall….but he knew he wanted to show us he loved us somehow. And sometimes words don’t come out easily – they’re hard to say and even harder when you can’t even say them to yourself. But he found a way to show us. And years later, I still keep that proof.


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