Soccer is Back

It’s been back for a while, but I think I was in denial and that’s why I chose not to blog about it. But we can’t escape reality, can we?


Alice decided she wanted to do soccer this year. I think the reason (no, I know the reason) is because her friends Alex and Cedar are doing soccer, too, and her 6 year old little mind just assumed she’d be playing on their team because, duh, they’re friends. Well she got put on a team full of kids in our public school district and she’s ended up having a blast.

Never did I think we’d have a sporty kid. I played sports, but I didn’t love them. My older brother golfed. My younger brother played baseball. But we were never a hard-core sports family. We were encouraged to play, we did, my parents of course supported us in any and all ways, but we didn’t live and die by our sports we played. Thank God.

I think Alice might be our little sporty girl. Sure, she may love Stampy Cat a little more than running and her coordination might be a little off, but she really enjoys being on a team and running around and all that stuff. *shudder*

soccer-7801 soccer-7802 soccer-7804

And being the incredible mom I am, I can only take so many minutes of watching 6 year olds run around and try to kick a ball so I resort to reading and taking pictures during practice.


[side note: this book is really good. I’m a fan of non-fiction. I like reading things that actually happened, especially when they are written with a passion, first hand experience. This book is about a man whose young daughter has severe behavioral issues and he spends years trying to get her help, get her a diagnosis, etc. Very interesting, heartbreaking, real]

The little girls usually stay with Danny, because Mama needs a little alone time (is it super pathetic that my alone time is 1 hour at Alice’s soccer practice?), but when they do join me they spend most of the time screeching and running and laughing which is adorable.

soccer-7827 soccer-7835 soccer-7876 soccer-7882 soccer-7891

As October comes to an end, so too do our Soccer Saturdays. I’m secretly happy for no more early soccer games and Monday evening practices, but I’m sad for Alice that she won’t have this activity that she’s begun to really love. I guess it’s time to find a new activity for my girl.


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