Looks Can Be Deceiving

If you look outside, it’s Fall.


[oops, we totally forgot to harvest the hops]


Below the house, you can see some people taking a nice Fall stroll. I mean, you could see them if you’re a master creeper like me. Zoom lens, go!


Looks. They’re deceiving. It might look like a crisp Fall day, but the reality is that our carved pumpkins are decaying at a disgusting rate thanks to the unusually high temperatures. So is my attitude. I just wanna wear hoodies!! But no. We are playing outside.

october-7787 october-7794

…half naked. It’s that warm. It’s mid-70s.

And at night, even if it does get chilly, it’s not too chilly to eat dinner on the deck.


(side note: danny’s dinner game has been ON POINT lately)

And this all just reminds me a lot of how the seasons in our life change…

…just kidding. I have nothing deep to say. Just that Fall weather better hurry the hell up because if we go from really warm to ice cold, this Mama is going to book a vacation to San Fran because I’ll be sick of this place.


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