The Table

I’m really lucky that Danny can pretty much do anything.

He snowboards, he brews beer, he braids hair, he can crochet (not kidding), he makes ice cream, he cooks, he builds play houses, he rafts, he wakeboards, he skateboards, he paddleboards, he coaches soccer, he babysits, he works, he plays, he travels, he laughs things off….

And he builds.


For the past year + we have had our computer set up on a really old, not-too-stable table. It was maybe 2 feet across by 2 feet wide. The printer was on the floor up against the wall and cords were coming out everywhere. Well this year, we have people in our house doing homework that requires internet usage which means that tiny table had to go. We needed room for books and references and a place to write while also using the computer.

I came home one day and Danny had started working on a table and stool.


It took him a week of cutting, gluing, sanding, more gluing, more sanding, assembling, staining, drying, then more staining before we got to move it in today.


I’m in love with it. The legs are a perfect compliment to our kitchen (stainless steel countertops) and the table top mimics the butcher block. It’s clean and simple and we’re learning that our style is pretty much that. We’ve tried lots of things in our years as home owners, but we always come back to the “less is more” motto.

We add in a little character…a pop of color and graphic….and it’s perfection.


[inspiration from Skate or Design]


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