Coco’s Gaming Adventures


When Alice talks about what she wants to be when she grows up, it’s not a doctor or a teacher or a vet or even a professional athlete.

Oh, no.

Alice wants to make YouTube videos.

While I’m sure that’s the perfect job for many people out there (Stampy Cat, for one), Alice told me that she’s just going to live with me and let me take care of stuff like food and money and paying for her stuff so that she can make videos all day long. Being the selfish parents we are and not wanting to support Alice her entire life while she mines away on Minecraft in our dark and quiet basement, we decided to let her set up a YouTube channel under Danny’s guidance and start videos now so that by the time she’s an adult, she’ll have grown tired of it.


She thought of all these names on her own and decided on Coco’s Adventures.


Before I post the link, please keep in mind: this is video number one. You guys, she’s still new, alright? She forgets that every time she yells or cries at her siblings, it records it. She forgets that she has to actually do something interesting if people will want to follow her and like her stuff. We’ll work on that.

But for now:

Coco’s Gaming Adventures. (<— click the link)


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