I’m making a conscious effort to not place so much importance on how we (me and my kittens) look on the outside — meaning, spending so much on clothes is ridiculous and the way I always comment on cute clothes or brands is probably permanently making a home in those sweet little brains. So we’ve been doing something about it (look for a blog post on that in a few weeks).

But you guys, sometimes you decide “today is the day I’m going to really put effort into what my kids look like so people don’t think I’ve completely given up on life.” If you could have seen Ollie’s hair and outfit choice yesterday, you might think I should really look into serious help. Which, I probably should, but meh.

Today was the day I actually looked through my kids closets and chose clothing that was adorable and actually matched. This is a big day.

jfrt-7333 jfrt-7352 jfrt-7358

[those socks!!!]

jfrt-7400 jfrt-7425

Some of my kids refuse to be photographed lately. This makes me sad and might sometimes result in me threatening to take away privileges before I come to my senses and realize it’s just a picture…and then snap a quick one with my phone when they aren’t looking.

Sneaky like a fox.

Ollie scored big time at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I’m not sure I could ever buy full-priced Hudson jeans or Docs for a 2 year old, so when I see them on major sale, I pounce. And since the sale is in the summer, I have to guess on sizes for the Fall/Winter. Apparently, Olive has chosen not to grow at all and still wears size 18-24 months. She swims in bottoms. For Charlotte? TARGET, you guys! Target is my favorite place for clothes, I swear. They copy trends of really expensive brands and all of us non-celebrity, non millionaire moms benefit. Franci loves Ollie hand-me downs and Maria is sporting some Target, too.

And the Frye boots? Because sometimes, a splurge is absolutely necessary.

Happiest Wednesday to you!


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