Baby Mornings

This year is different than last and the year before that. This year, while the big four are in school, Mama gets time with the babies. Our baby mornings are slow and after we get some things done around the house we have some time just with each other.


We find a nice backdrop and take pictures. I mean, sometimes we do that.

katieg-6783 katieg-6791

And sometimes we go grocery shopping. Just the 3 of us. Quiet grocery shopping is something I’ve only seen in the movies. To know it happens in real life and to experience it first hand is magical.

katieg-7004 katieg-7018

(what? How’d we get in the non-organic/gmo/poison section of the grocery store?? We only eat pure, whole, raw foods….)

And after grocery shopping, we hopped on a plane and went to Disneyland and to the zoo where we saw a baby elephant and a baby pig and then we had a princess tea party with Bellamy and had a sleepover at Dawns with Grandma Lynne and Lance and Emma and Alex and lived in a castle and ate magic soup and after Olive’s imagination was done running wild, we started picking up the rest of our hearts, one by one, until 5:00 rolled around and the last of it was home.

Baby mornings are exactly what I need to balance out the rest of this crazy life.


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