The Middles Start School

I’m not sure I could be more creative in a title, do you?

But it’s straightforward and to the point: the middle kids started school today. Middle kids being Alice and Jamie. I mean, I have four middle kids. I could be more specific I suppose. But today was Jamie and Alice’s day.

chmsfirst-6632 chmsfirst-6633

I don’t worry about Alice when it comes to things like this. She is outgoing and fun and polite and sweet and even if she might be a little lazy (“Mom, I don’t think I’m gonna learn to read yet.”) I know she’ll eventually get it. She loves everything about school: seeing her friends, choosing works, PE, show and tell, recess, and most of all, lunch.


[oh, those? no big deal…i only spent forever and a day making and decorating the cutest apple and pencil cookies…]


After school she told me how she wants to do Amazing Athletes and how Alex and her did a really challenging puzzle map work. She loved her lunch and at recess she played. She was really glad Ms. Megan was still her teacher and she still likes all her friends.

Alice has this year in the bag.

But I’ll be very honest with you (honesty might be one of my strongest qualities, and that it both very good and very bad): I worry about Jamie. Jamie is not outgoing most of the time. He likes to read in his room alone or sit on the sidelines and watch. He is sometimes polite (he can be the most polite child in the world at times) but he’s sometimes just awful. He sometimes hisses at you and cries and screams when things don’t go as planned. He goes from 0-10 on the anger scale in the blink of an eye and he doesn’t eat lunch or snack which sometimes leads to a grumpy afternoon. Each morning I drop him off and silently beg for a wonderful day. Most of it is out of his control, we are learning this more and more, which makes it even more difficult and heartbreaking.

But luckily there’s a pretty ace team behind him at Children’s House to see him through.


I think grade 3 will be a good year.


After school, he said, “School was great. I wrote stories with my friends. Except…was my lunch a joke? Was it a test? Because….I didn’t eat a thing and I think you knew I wouldn’t.”

Classic Jamie.

Happy First Day of School, CHMS students!


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