Grade 5

She did it.

She made it through Pre-K and grades K-4 and has landed herself a spot in grade 5.


Here’s something you might not know about Maria: she’s fiercely brave.

I can ask her to do something and she’ll put a smile on her face and do it.

I’ll tell her she will be doing something and she’ll say “ok” and do it.

I’ll tell her she’s going to a brand new school with absolutely no one she knows and she’ll say, “I can’t wait for the first day.”

Being a girl is scary. You boys have no idea. There is so much pressure to fit in, look cute, be smart, act cool, you name it. I remember being none of these things in school except smart…but definitely not street smart…and I was a nervous wreck every day. I wanted so badly for people to like me, I was self conscious, and i tried really hard to be cool. Maria doesn’t have to try, she just is. But she doesn’t really care. She’d rather be herself and that takes a lot of courage.

This year Maria went from being homeschooled (we did it, it went fine, but she deserves better than me for a teacher!) to going to Asotin Elementary, the very school her dad, aunt C, and “auntie” Tara went. Yes, I totally pulled the auntie out. She had her first day today and loved every second. The food was amazing, the assembly was awesome, her classmates were “all super nice!” and getting her locker open was a breeze. This girl was made for life, every second of it.

I’m not sure Danny and I could be more proud.


2 thoughts on “Grade 5

  1. Marlene Stellmon

    She is truly the most amazing 10 yr. old I have ever. known. Her organization skills are amazing and her beauty inside and out are the best


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