Hey, Alice!


Alice: “Well, I was thinking about maybe being one of those guys who makes Minecraft videos and then puts ’em up on YouTube. I’ll probably start when I’m, like, six or something. And I’m six now. So maybe tomorrow.”

Me: “Well I don’t know anything about how to do that, so you’ll have to ask Daddy.”

Alice: “Okay. And I’ll probably have to, ya know, put one of those signs up that says, ‘do not astuhb [do not disturb]’ so that no one is loud or bothers me when I’m doing it. We need, like, a webcam. Do we have one of those? Do you know how to do that?”

Me: “No, Alice. That’s why you need to talk to Daddy about it. And is this going to be your job?”

Alice: “Oh yeah, okay. We probably need also a microphone. Yeah, it’s gonna be a job. I’ll probably be pretty busy doing it. Like after school and on breaks when we don’t have school. Lots of people will want to watch the stuff I put up. I’ll probably make a cupcake land first.”

Would it surprise any of you to learn that Danny thinks this is a brilliant idea? Stay tuned.


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