A Bit About Saturdays

It’s been really hot here. Not just in the 90’s type hot, either. Think a little closer to 108-109. So hot.

And sometimes when it’s really hot, we wanna put our feet in the water. Pools are nice, but rivers are much nicer.


And lucky us that we have water all around us.

On Saturday we drove up the Clearwater a smidgen and found a nice little beach.

orofino-5560-1 orofino-5597-1 orofino-5605-1 orofino-5694-1

It took us maybe 45 minutes to drive. It seemed like much longer.

“Wait, WHERE are we going?!”



But we finally made it.

The big kids love exploring and we hope the tiniest only has memories of adventure and fun.


The big kids run and the small ones are never too far behind.

orofino-5611-1 orofino-5615-1

But the best thing of all…

orofino-5589-1 orofino-5628-1

When daddy gets in, too.

He’s a really good sport because the Clearwater is as cold as ice.


And while it’s definitely not easy to wrangle up the kids, pack for the beach, and get to our destination all in one piece and happy…

 orofino-5660-1 orofino-5710-1 orofino-5727-1

…it’s definitely worth the effort.

We hope you all had the happiest of weekends!


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