Weekend Update.

This weekend, it was just the three of us traveling:




This girl…


…texted me and asked if we were busy the weekend of July 24th because she was surprising Patrick (who happens to be her soon-to-be husband and my brother, also known as ‘uncle patty’) with a trip to Portland to hang out with Josh and it’d be so fun if we went too.

Because of course it’d be more fun with me there. Few people understand the party I put into gatherings.

Obviously without really checking my schedule, I said that we were free and we’d bring join in on the fun.

Well, children happened. Ollie developed a questionable rash, Charlotte started puking and had a fever, and I didn’t want to risk everyone getting sick in the car on the way over so just the three of us went. Franci because she has to go where I go and Jamie because he deserved a little boy time. Oooooh, it was fun.

We started it off right by having dinner at Pollo Norte. They serve one thing: rotisserie chicken. I mean, there are sides, but chicken is what they have. No beef. No pork. No shrimp. No hamburgers. No….chicken. (and now that I think about it, hamburgers would totally fall under ‘beef’ but whatever)

pdx-5233-1 pdx-5234-1 pdx-5235-1

They serve it with sides: rice, slaw, and potatoes. You gather up all those heavenly ingredients and put them on hand made tortillas and eat approximately 8 of them. Then you lick your chops because those were the best chicken tacos you’ve ever had, no doubt.

pdx-5236-1 pdx-5237-1

We went back to Josh’s house and fell asleep then woke up bright and early to pick up these fools from the airport.


We had breakfast at the Tin Shed (had such a delicious grapefruit mimosa) then headed to Skamania to check out a possible wedding venue. It was awfully pretty there. Also, educational. I bet you didn’t see that coming.

pdx-5243-1 pdx-5245-1

They were having a bald eagle presentation. Because that’s the kind of thing that happens in the PNW.


We hung out for a while.

Jamie expressed some interest in Pat’s bachelor party. When Pat asked him how he felt about drinking his face off…


…Jamie may have had second thoughts.


Jamie totally needed bro time.


And quite frankly, the sibling time on my end didn’t suck either.

pdx-5287-1 pdx-5288-1

We continued on to Hood River where we did a little wine tasting.

pdx-5289-1 pdx-5292-1 pdx-5293-1

Then we drove back to Portland, dropped the boys off, and Lily, Franci and I did a little exploring. We may or may not have picked up some pies from Lauretta Jeans. Honey Pie, you sneaky fox, you tricked me into eating more of you than I had anticipated. But it was worth it.

And what would a Stellmon evening be without Netflix/tv/video games? We chose Labyrinth. I mean..obviously.


David Bowie FTW.

And on our last day, we did some shopping. Jamie threw up everywhere. We did more shopping. Jamie threw up in countless bags and garbage cans, and I’d be sorry about it if I was doing something selfish like shopping just for me or doing something silly. But I wasn’t.

I was eating Salt and Straw ice cream. So…..totally worth it.

Besides, today he’s 100%.

Happy Monday!


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