Sometimes you have friends who know a lot about wine and share bottles and blends with you (I mean, is that something you’d say? blends?). Sometimes you have friends who are pretty amazing at cutting and coloring hair, and you’re super grateful to be able to go to them every 6 weeks. Sometimes you have friends who are in the same mom-spot as you and can relate to every situation and listen when you need to bitch about x, y, or z. Sometimes you have friends who run an incredible school and teach your kids how to be good citizens and smart people.

And sometimes you have Kristin who knows her shit when it comes to bees.


She’s knowledgable in lots of areas: gardening, beekeeping, chickens, wine, dutch oven cooking, camping, vintage trailers, you guys….she’s a friend you need to meet and not let go of. She’s pretty insanely awesome. And because I thought more people should experience Kristin and her aura of fun and cool, I decided to write an article for Home and Harvest all about her and her adventure with bees. This led to me asking if she’d be willing to show me her hives and how she checks them out.

Little did I know it would turn into the best homeschooling lesson Maria has had all year long.


These girls, along with Alice and 5 brothers got  first-hand experience in bee keeping. Like…they got to actually put on suits, smoke bees out of their hive, and eat honey straight from the hive.

bees-46 bees-35 bees-9

We dipped a spoon right in…

bees-200 bees-204

Eating honey straight from the source is pretty magical. It dripped all over my shirt and I didn’t even care.

I learned so much from this little lesson. I learned that queen bees are grown when a group of bees decide they need a new queen. Please tell me I am not the only one who thought that queen bees were just a type of bee that happened to be giant. I never claimed to be a genius, you guys. I also learned that bees can fly up to 5 miles away each day for pollen collecting. That they are far too busy making honey to even care about if you’re there or not (they rarely sting you for no reason!) and that now I’m obsessed with acquiring a hive.


Thank you, Kristin, for sharing all of this with us!

Follow her adventures on IG: @urbanchickenmama and #littlebeeapiaryco


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