It’s A Great Day for……

….did you think I was going to say ‘baseball?’ Negative. This happened:


In case you’re blind, that’s a raging storm. The thunder boomed right above us and let’s just say that the farmers were all probably very happy with the rainfall. ‘Cuz it was lots.

This weekend began NAIA World Series at the college, the big end of season tournament for college baseball. I probably explained all of that completely wrong, but from where I stand, as a non-lover of sports, that’s what I gather it is. My cousin Tanner, though, enjoys that activity called baseball and he and his family drove up from the Boise area to take in some of the excitement. Call me crazy, but I think maybe there’s more excitement in Fazzari’s pizza and cousin time.

24-35 24-44

They have a couple of the sweetest kids.

24-40 24-42


They are easy going and fun and Gavin is a wild boy — but wild in a really fun way. He’s not the least bit naughty or mean and he’s always smiling and laughing and loves everyone. And he knows a good thing when he sees (or has) it:

Me: “Has anyone told you you have very pretty eyes?”

Gavin: “Yep. It’s cuz they’re blue.”


And June (best name ever) is happy even when people are incredibly rude about her hair. As if she could do anything about it.

24-11 24-13 24-16 24-27

(hey, June, just play along. you can laugh at daddy later when you’ve got the flowing locks and he’s bald)

And attached to these sweet kids is their mama who is a trooper. 5+ hours in a car with two kids for a quick trip to the extended in-laws. How she manages to still look basically perfect is a mystery. Her hair, though. I want.


Why didn’t I get a picture of her looking at the camera? Oh, because I had to do the ‘ol “pretend I’m snapping a pic of her kids, but really quickly take one of her so she doesn’t realize how weird I really am” trick.

Works every time.

Oh, yeah, Uncle Josh came over from Portland, too.


The kids go nuts when they hear their uncles are coming. Because they’re awesome, probably.

I’ve gotta admit, while I do love throwing parties and dinners with friends, the somewhat impromptu gatherings at my home can sometimes give me lots of anxiety which makes it not as fun as it should be. But this time that wasn’t the case.

It seemed to be a great day for family and Fazzari’s.



5 thoughts on “It’s A Great Day for……

  1. Tanner & Danielle

    Ruthie, you are the nicest! We had such a good time hanging out with you cool people in your cool house. I’m glad we were able to fool you into thinking that we are laid back parents and our children are well-behaved😉 Thanks again for entertaining us!

  2. thearcticpanda

    Hey! Your pictures always have the best lighting and coloring! I wont haggle you for your secret but was just curious if it’s mainly from camera settings or from you editing them?!


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