Mother’s Day and how it’s really just like every day except you get presents and you fall off the 21 day fix wagon

Once, last week, I pictured my Mother’s Day being spent on the beach, listening to the waves while my children frolicked in the sand (does one ‘frolic’ in sand?) nearby. I had a peach drink in my hand, heavy on the alcohol, and a smile on my face.

And then Sunday came and I wasn’t on the beach. I wasn’t anywhere near the ocean in fact. I forgot we don’t live in an ocean-side bungalow, oops.

I was at home with a sick baby


…and a 6 year old who refused to put her pj’s in the dirty clothes. A fridge without milk and an 8 year old who was banking on cereal for breakfast. He also forgot to start his project on Greece so we worked on that for a few hours. Nothing like a little homework last minute!


A 10 year old who was trying her hardest to get the 2 year old into her clothes, but only got as far as the piano room before she got distracted. The 2 year old wore Cinderella jammies for a lot longer than she should have.


Oh…and the 4 year old?

md-64Mad she wasn’t wearing a dress, so she wore nothing at all.

So, I mean Mother’s Day was a pretty standard Sunday.

Being a mom, you guys. Geez.

It’s stressful and tiring: sometimes I survive a busy day on only a few hours sleep.

It’s scary: I spent the evening/night of Mother’s Day at urgent care with my 5 month old who was running a fever of 103.8. They ran every blood test, urine analysis, X-rays and did a flu swab just to tell me she had some infection and to follow up with our pediatrician the next day.

It’s heartbreaking: my 8 year old struggles with lots of aspects of life and I want so badly for things to be really easy for him, but I know they won’t be.

It’s expensive: buying clothes for six kids, even clothes from a consignment store, costs more than you might think. Diapers and medicine and doctor’s visits and food and tuition for various lessons.

Oh, but Mother’s Day was wonderful, it was. It was hard a bit because every day is kinda hard (in that ‘i have a million kids’ way). But it was pretty great, too, because every day is kinda pretty great. The amazing Danny pulled through with a little surprise gift (gifts make special days even more special, that’s a fact) and the kids tried in their best ways to be especially thankful for me. Homemade cards, gifts, and lots of “Happy Mother’s Day!”s. We celebrated with the best mom in the entire world (that’d be my mom of course) and food that most definitely does not fall into any 21 day fix containers. I tried – I really did. I crammed that slice of Fazzari’s pizza into the red container and nothing fell out, so I’m calling it a red.

I’m so thankful for the 6 kids who call me mama, mom, mommy. I’m so thankful for my mom who taught me everything about being a mom. I miss my grandma who made the best cinnamon toast and who spoiled me rotten. I cry for my friends’ moms who are missing that phone call or visit or hug this year and years to come from kids who died way too early. I’m excited for my friends who will get their first mother’s day next year with little ones and even more friends who will have it years from now. I’m thankful for my friends who are already moms – the ones I look up to, who teach me things without even realizing it and who will always agree with both these texts:

“Why does god hate me today?” and “_______ did the cutest thing…”

Happy Mother’s Day and every day to every mom. Lift up your alcoholic peachy drink and….Cheers!


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