Today, Alice Maureen is six. Of all the beautiful, perfect, well-posed pictures I have of her, this silly one sums her up better than any other:


Alice is the epitome of “kid.” She throws fits when she doesn’t get her way and snuggles with mama and daddy when she can. She sneaks in our bedroom at night and tries to get away with anything and everything. She laughs when she gets in trouble and never takes anything too seriously. She thinks she has the answer to every question ever asked and is confident enough to share it with everyone. She knows what she likes and doesn’t care what’s ‘cool.’ She’d rather play with the boys than the girls and loves getting dirty and messy and running amok. Few can understand what she has to say thanks to both missing front teeth and a slight speech impediment but it doesn’t stop her from talking. She’s funnier than all get-out and beautiful too.

Happy Birthday to my girl who came just a bit early, late at night. Who has taught me that girls can love both princesses and mine craft equally as well and that dirt smudged play clothes can be just as beautiful as expensive dresses. That learning really does happen at a child’s own pace and that eventually they will get there (she said to me earlier this year, “Nope…I don’t think I wanna learn to read yet.” But now she’s sounding out words). She’s taught me to laugh when things don’t go the way I’ve planned them to and that deep breaths and calls to Lala and Papa for backup are necessary sometimes.


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