The Every Day

I have a hard time embracing the every day. The time between parties and ceremonies and babysitters and nights out. Between carnivals and vacations and birthdays and holidays.

It’s hard to embrace laundry and diapers and mess after mess after mess. Kids who don’t always hit the toilet (so sick) and who leave their dishes out for the dog to get into. It’s mundane and routine and sometimes boring, but sometimes exciting (in the wrong ways). It’s tedious and frustrating and as freaking exhausting as running 3 marathons back to back.

But then I pick up my camera and snap pictures throughout the day and look back at them and realize…

the every day is beautiful.


new-63 new-67 new-69 new-71 new-75

new-65 new-68 new-77 new-78

This is my every day. Along with annoying, frustrating, tearful, angry, and messy moments, there are quiet, thoughtful, sweet ones. Filthy faces that have spent all day playing and giggling kids who couldn’t be more pleased. My every day is a Papa and Lala who beg to see my kittens and hours of kids being each other’s favorite playmates.

mary-82 mary-96 mary-111 new-76 new-79

And even though my every day is full of misunderstandings (this is what Jamie calls hard times at school or home or with teachers or friends) and lots of tears and arguments, there are always moments of a smiling face.


And I’m not sure I could be any more grateful.


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