She’s 10 today.

10 years of this lovely girl has been just as lovely as she is.

If you can believe this, she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. I’ve never met a child who cares so deeply for other people. She goes out of her way to be helpful, even when it interferes with her fun. Sometimes, I’ll come out of my room from taking a shower and getting ready and she has gotten the kids fed and dressed and shoes on. She doesn’t get any special reward for doing it, she just does it.

She loves steak and ahi and pizza and ice cream. She rollerblades like you wouldn’t believe and her love of fashion is equal parts hilarious and awesome. She loves sunny days and swimming with her friends and siblings and she loves rainy days and being cozy inside. She is a clone of her daddy in both her looks and his easy going way. She doesn’t care about being the best at anything or beating anyone or one-upping at all. She’s content with who she is and is proud of who other people are.

She can make friends anywhere she goes, but her very favorites are Anna and Sophia. Every day she asks to play with them and she always is thinking of them, in everything she does (“Oh, Anna would LOVE this….I think Sophia might wanna read this book sometime….”). She loves our big family and wants me to have ‘lots more babies.’

When she’s older she wants to be a ballerina. Or a zoo keeper. Or a fashion designer. She wants to adopt kids. She told me the other day that she thinks it’s really weird that some people think boys shouldn’t be able to marry boys and girls shouldn’t be able to marry girls. “Because it’s okay to love whoever you want, you can’t help it.” And that makes me so proud of her. She’s compassionate and she’s an advocate without even realizing it.

She loves ballet and violin and guitar and snowboarding. She happily goes to each one’s practice times and leaves happy and excited. She’s busy for a 10 year old and she loves it. She’s a dream to homeschool and is curious about anything and everything. She fills out worksheets with the same enthusiasm as doing an art project.

And you guys…..she’s 10. Double Digits. 1/2 way to 20. A decade. TEN!!!

Happiest of days, Maria Grace.


4 thoughts on “TEN

  1. Sherry

    What a beautiful depiction of your Maria. So wonderful you have this I’m writing that she can go back to read again and again! Have an awesome day, Maria!


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