Getting Away

As much as I love these little faces (and the ones who refused a picture)…

ria10-61 ria10-66

…I also need to be away from them for short periods of time once in a while.

They are hilarious. They are adorable and sweet and fun and silly. But they’re also crazy. They are filthy and they make mess after mess and don’t even clean it up! They wanna be fed and played with and bathed. And, like, need someone to do it all for them all the time. I’m not joking around with how selfish they are. SO. SELFISH!!! (*insert appropriate sarcastic emoji here*)

Danny and I are happily married. I love him more than the moon and the stars and I’ve been told by him he feels the same about me. But we rarely spend time alone together. Every once in a while we will go to dinner alone, but not often. Instead, to ‘get away,’ we take turns. He goes and snowboards with his friends while I spend the weekend with the kids. I go on a weekend trip with pals while he holds down the fort. It works for us and I think it’s part of why we are so happy.

This weekend I’m stealing Maria and Franci away for a weekend in San Francisco to visit my brother and his girlfriend. It’s Maria’s birthday weekend and aside from Disneyland, I can’t think of someplace she’d rather be. She thinks her uncles are pretty much gold. Add Lily into the mix and it’s even better. So going to dinner with them, sightseeing (I use that term very loosely), and just being really big-city will be the perfect getaway.

Cross your fingers for happy plane babies, calm mamas during take off and landing, and zero crashes. If our plane crashes and it’s discovered you didn’t cross your fingers, you’ll feel really guilty. So just do it.

Happy Thursday!


1 thought on “Getting Away

  1. Mary Lou Riddle

    Hey. Have fun. Doug and I have always taken separate vacations. So much easier with kids & dogs at home. But now, after almost 32 yrs of marriage, we have no kids or dogs at home, but still do our own thing every so often. I think it’s healthy. Also, I don’t have to “ask” him. I just “tell” him. “I’ll ask my husband if I can go”….those words have never passed these lips of mine. ML ps. going to SF in Sept. Scout it for me.


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