St. Patrick’s Day

Last night the naughty leprechaun came and messed with our house a bit. Cushions overturned, pictures sideways, our milk turned green, that kind of thing.

He also left some goodies for the kids.

mar17-63 mar17-64 mar17-65

Headbands and silly straws and gold coins. The leprechaun may have run into Joann’s yesterday knowing their holiday stash was 75% off. Leprechauns are tricky little fellas.

mar17-66 mar17-69

(if there’s ever a perfect morning for lucky charms, it’s St. Patty’s Day morning)


And Charlotte found the magic everywhere.


“MOM! That little rascal leprechaun left my headband in the bathroom!! And look…he put the baby’s deedees all over the floor. And ALL THE LIGHTS ARE ON UPSTAIRS!!!”

Kids who celebrate are my favorite.

And this picture sums it up prettttttty well:mar17-77

Happy Shamrock Day to all our friends.


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