Newborn Essentials: what you definitely, totally, absolutely need.

I know a thing or 2 about newborn essentials. I’ve brought home 6 babies, gone through 6 first nights at home, nursed 6 newborns, and clothed 6 tiny bodies.

I know about newborn essentials.


1. 4Moms Momaroo seat.   Yes, this $269 baby seat is a must-have. It mimics something like 6 different movements (the kangaroo is similar to what it must feel like to be gently walked and bounced, that kind of thing), it plays sounds, and can even play music from your mp3 player. It reclines and sits more upright for older babies and it plugs into the wall (as opposed to using batteries) so it’s always charged and ready to go. This seat has been an absolute life saver for us. Franci likes white noise and she likes being moved in a certain motion…thank you 4 Moms.

2. Mimijumi bottle.  This is the best bottle I’ve found that makes breast feeding and bottle feeding at the same time as easy as possible. The soft texture of the bottle up against the baby’s mouth and face (that sounds so weird reading it back) feels a lot like a nipple might, and the slow-flow nipple is just right for babe.

3. Gerber cloth diapers. Yep, I’m totally just talking about the cheap Gerber prefolds. I don’t cloth diaper (baaaaahahahhahaha you silly people) but I do clean up a lot of slobber and spit up and sometimes the baby goes through spurts of wetting through her diaper at night and it’s great for laying down under her. They are super absorbent, cheap, and wash really well.

4. Kickee Pants newborn outfits. I’m partial to the Kickee Pants gowns, but really any of their things will do. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt material softer than what these are made of. They must be made from cloud fibers. I like them especially for the warmer months because they are a little bit thin, breathable, and slip on and off like a dream.

 5. Soothe Shirt by Lalabu.  I wore Francesca in my Soothe Shirt to 4 or 5 different events in the first month of her life. Why is it perfect? A) she was protected from germ hands wanting to hold her. No one will ask to hold your baby when she is literally inside your shirt. Creepsters might…but always say no to creepsters. B) she was used to being a part of me, which soothed her, which made her really happy to be basically as close to me as she’d been for the previous 9 months. She never fussed in her Soothe Shirt. C) it’s crazy comfortable. It’s so easy to nurse in, it’s tight enough that I feel comfortable wearing Franci in it, and it’s cute.

6. Nose Frida. 10x better than the nose suckers they give you at the hospital. It’s easy to clean (unlike the others) and you can control exactly how much suction to use. My babies all prefer this to the bulb syringes every time.

7. Freshly Picked crib moccs. Newsflash: baby shoes do NOT stay on your tiny baby’s feet. Unless they are Freshly Picked moccasins. To be honest, aside from the fact that they couldn’t be any cuter, I put these on Franci (and still do) because it keeps her socks on! Ollie thinks she’s being very helpful when she pulls off Franci’s socks every chance she gets. But she has a harder time pulling off these tiny shoes which makes my life so much easier.

8. NUK Nursing pads. If you are one of the lucky ones who produces lots of milk for your baby, you’ll need something to soak up all that liquid gold so that when you’re checking out at the grocery store and you hear a random baby cry and your milk bags get confused and think they need to let down…you’re covered.

9. Mustela newborn shampoo. And wipes. And lotion. Because Mustela smells what I like to imagine heaven smells like.


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