Paying it Fashion Forward

I was incredibly blessed with a girl who in genuinely passionate about helping others. She’s always been the friend on the playground who includes someone left out. She doesn’t utter a mean word about anyone and finds the good in everyone. She knows how lucky she is and she feels for those who don’t have the things they need.

She’s always coming up with plans to help people. Lemonade stands for charity. Circuses for the Y. Selling stuff to raise money for a million different causes. She’s a tiny activist and I love it.

Most recently, she’s been working hard on her new project:

piff-62 copy

She wants to gather donations from shops (we already have some shops who have SO GENEROUSLY agreed to donate: Mina Loves Bows, L’oved Baby, Goat Milk, Czarina’s Project, Opposite of Far along with individuals who have things to give) and have children and moms model the items and sell them at the end, giving all the money to JPIFF.

She’s been working really hard. We went to Costco and she priced out what it might cost to have food at the event “because everyone gets a little hungry.” She found a meat and cheese platter and rolls, veggie trays, and then spotted the shrimp and her eyes lit up. “Mom, I think pretty much everyone loves shrimp.” She and I talked about it and decided that instead of asking a couple people to give larger amounts of money, maybe we could reach out and ask for $10, 20 and 25 donations. We filmed a little video and the response was beyond wonderful.

(see video here.)

So now we are reaching out to the blog world. If you are a children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, or toy shop OR you sell women’s tees, we would be INCREDIBLY thrilled to have a donation from you for the fashion show. If you have a friend who does one of these things, we would be forever grateful if you asked them to donate or forwarded this on to them. You can email me at:

If you live in our area and you want to attend, PLEASE come!

…there will be shrimp.


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