Valentine’s Day 2015

We celebrate often. We celebrate birthdays and weekends and new mail and Tuesdays. Any reason to celebrate, and we are on it. So it’s a no-brainer to have a party on Valentine’s Day.


We got a little helium tank and I spent the morning blowing up these adorable balloons. Balloons make or break a party. (they always make it)

We made a craft table.


And a treat table.


[thanks shelley!!]

vday15-64 vday15-66 vday15-67 vday15-68

And while the littlest kittens napped and played fashion time…

vday15-75 vday15-81

…we decorated. And did fancy heart-braided hair.

vday15-70 vday15-71 vday15-82 vday15-83 vday15-85

The kids delivered balloons and Valentines to Brook and Mark down the street and to Nora at her grandma’s house. We kinda love hand-delivered gifts.

Finally at 1:30 our friends started arriving.

vday15-94 vday15-103 vday15-111 vday15-116


{you silly friends, that is not our puppy. that cute little fella is the new member in Anna and Sophia’s family. lucky dog!}

There were kids everywhere. But that’s how the Prasils like it. We can’t really imagine anything better than being surrounded by all of our favorites.

And to bribe my grown up friends to stay, I try and provide some yummies.

vday15-87 vday15-88 vday15-89

Ampersand in Moscow is a fairly new oil and vinegar shop and oh wow, it’s pretty bomb. I basically had lunch there (they have samples of their best stuff) and couldn’t leave without buying a few things. It was hard for me to choose just 2 balsamic vinegars, they were all so good. But I’m guessing I’ll be visiting them again.

And tonight? Well tonight the big kids are going to the gymnastics gym while the little ones and I go out to eat. Danny is in McCall being childless and wifeless because he was such a trooper TWO WEEKENDS in a row with 5 kids solo. A solo weekend was my gift to him.

Aren’t we just so romantic?


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