What They Wore (on Monday)

Oh, don’t mind the photo quality. Don’t mind the messy house and the poorly-posed children. But totally mind the outfits. They’re money.

Franci Pants:


BabyGap dress || Jcrew Crewcuts tights || Freshly Picked moccs

Alice the Amazing:mondaykids-66

Tucker and Tate dress || Vintage socks || Nordy’s boots

Maria the Magnificent:


Crewcuts top and pants || Zara kids boots

Jamie the Jabberwoky (i mean, it’s hard to find a cool J name):mondaykids-74

Crewcuts tee || GapKids cords

Olive the Oh-So-Sweet:mondaykids-79

Tea Collection dress || GapKids tights || Minnetonka boots

Shimmering Charlotte:mondaykids-99

Tea Collection tee || Hello Apparel leggings || Hunter boots

Hey guys, don’t worry. I was just trying out that nickname business and it didn’t work out very well. It ends here. Oh, and the photos? They’ll be better next time, I promise.

I’m getting ready to step up my blogging game, so don’t you go anywhere.


2 thoughts on “What They Wore (on Monday)

  1. Jenn

    your kids are the best!

    Also- J names really are hard! I always hated when people would play that ice breaker where you had to make up your own nickname for the other kids to remember you by. Things like “amazing Amanda” or are great…. but good luck you weren’t one of the first 3 J name to go! As a product of the 80’s there were always a million Jennifers and Jessicas. After “Joyful Jessy”, “Jolly Jamie” and “Jumping Jack” went, I was always “Just Jenn” womp womp


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