Itty Bitty Fashion

Because tiny kittens deserve to be fashion, too.

I love dressing my kids. I love finding little shops that are completely my style (uhhh, I mean my kids’ style?) and then mixing and matching elements from their closets to make their looks complete. If I sound like I’m narrating Project Runway: Tiny Edition, it’s because I’m pretending I am. Let’s continue.

I stick to a few big companies for the most part for the basics: crewcuts (Jcrew), Mini Boden, Zara, Peek Kids, Gap. Why these? Well, they are a little on the spendy side, I realize, but with 6 kids, clothes get passed down! If I were to completely outfit my kids in Old Navy or Target clothes all the time, the clothes would wear out and I wouldn’t be able to pass them down. Those just don’t wash well over and over and eventually they get holes and they fade and they just aren’t the best quality! Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Target especially for lots of things like tee-shirts and for the occasional sweatshirt and legging. I definitely shop there and it’s the place to get the most bang for your buck in the short run, no doubt. But if you have lots of kids and you want the biggest bang for your buck in the long run, you have to spend a little more up front.

But what’s an even better perk? These brands wear so well that you can find them in many consignment stores, looking in nearly new condition and for a fraction of the cost! It’s my favorite.

Franci’s closet is currently my favorite because everything is so tiny and so cozy, even when it looks totally fash. I want to wear pretty much everything she owns.



Peek Kids sweater and Peek kids leggings. The leggings were passed down from Ollie and the sweatshirt? A sweet find at only $8.99!!


I pretend I’m French sometimes (oh, and Spanish. And definitely British). And what better way to let people know exactly how to speak to me than to have my baby wear a ‘bien’ sweater? No better way, that’s the answer. A fur vest is always appropriate and the pants? Ah, I need some in my size. SO comfy and easy to put on and take off. The moccs are just icing on the cake.


Can you tell I like Peek Kids? It’s because their pieces are SO simple but so sweet and versatile. I can pair them with, really, anything. And I do. The pants are from a sweet IG shop I follow and are thick and wash really well — they are actually from Olive. I’m a faithful customer of Lemons and Lace as well as Freshly Picked. You gotta love mama shops, right?


The shirt? I die. Lily got this for Franci and it’s from Slyfox Threads, an awesome little shop. And then Cleo and Stella, our baby friends gave Franci these adorable leggings (you guys, they are tiny!!!) from an IG shop who just happens to be local to us. Double score. And I’m so clever. That headband is actually a bow tie but it’s perfect.


Tara’s babies are as fashion as mine (toot toot) and we borrowed this hat look from them. Sekilola makes the most adorable turban hats. I put one on my little ones as often as they’ll let me. This sweater is hand knit by the most adorable older woman who had a booth at a craft show I attended about 2 days before Francesca was born. I had to have it. And don’t for one second think I didn’t snag a matching bonnet. The dress is a simple and adorable short sleeved baby doll style. Of course put together with FP moccasins and Peek Kids pants.


Yep, Peek Kids again. Their sweatshirts are to die for, and short sleeved for Spring? Sold. Okay, so these leggings. They are SUPER thick and I wasn’t sure I would like them but they are perfection. They are as soft as they are thick which is what I love. So cozy and warm.


The turban shop also makes headbands. Love it. The layered look for babies is kind of equal parts hilarious and awesome. Again, Peek Kids. But these shoes? Ah, I’m obsessed. They are still slightly too big which is perfect because I can get away with them for a long time.


Here it is, my favorite casual shop (yes, I am not lying. I definitely have a favorite casual shop for my babies). CHILDHOODS!!! You guys, run there now. She opens her shop only a couple times a week because her pieces are in such high demand and I know exactly why. They are crazy-soft, crazy-cute, and wear really well. Olive has a few pieces that she’s passed down for when Francesca is a bit bigger.


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