7 Weeks

Francesca Leilani is 7 weeks old today.


Her hair is looking an awfully lot like Charlotte’s did at this stage…which might not be such a great thing in a few months.


But right now, there’s nothing about her that isn’t perfectly cute.


She spends her days nursing, sleeping, hiccup-ing, and kicking. She kicks like you wouldn’t believe.


She wakes up twice at night to eat and would rather snuggle in next to me to go back to sleep than be put back in her bassinet. 7weeks-108

This week alone she attended a Boys and Girls Club dinner and a Pepsi party. She’s quite busy.


Time’s going by very quickly. So quickly that by the end of the day, even though I’m completely exhausted, I want to rewind and instead of putting that 3rd load of laundry in, scoop up the baby and hold her and rock her an extra 30 minutes. I know this phase is only a fraction of my time with her and feeling like I’m soaking it all in has been difficult.

So excuse me while I steal some baby time.


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