A Day in the Life

I love “A Day in the Life” posts from other bloggers. Just like posts about what people have in their purses, their fridges, or home tours. I’m nosey. I like seeing how other people live and what their every day is like. One thing about social media: it’s SO easy to make your life look beautiful and wonderful and easy and flush.

So here’s a look into our Thursdays.

I start the morning off at 4:30am with a green machine smoothie. I slip into my Lululemon leggings and my Albion Fit top and put my Nikes on and head out for my 5 mile run. Just a short one on Thursdays.

You guys, I’m kidding. I wake up at 7:00am and don’t shower because I shower the night before.

Then I start the process of waking everyone else up. This girl is always already awake and is always sitting on her bed like an angel reading.


The others have a harder time. It usually involves crabby talk and then migrating out to the TV room where they find blankets and sneak in a few extra minutes of shut-eye.

dayinthelife-67 dayinthelife-66

They always have 3 options for breakfast: scrambled eggs, Eggo waffles, or oatmeal.

dayinthelife-62 dayinthelife-63 dayinthelife-68

Yes, I’m very gourmet and healthy. I don’t need more people to tell me, this I already know.

Kids get dressed, brush teeth, and then I feed and clothe the tiniest.

dayinthelife-69 dayinthelife-70

With help.


Olive does NOT leave her side. “Mama!!! Baby!!  CRYING!!” Yep, I can hear her. And now I hear you. Move along, now.

There is also lots of hair to brush and fix.

dayinthelife-73 dayinthelife-74

And this:


Let me tell you what a chore it is to fix Alice’s hair. It’s like giving a cat a bath, trying to brush the fur of a young rabbit and dodging Nerf bullets all at the same time. It’s that annoying and difficult. And it’s usually why we are late to school. So after everyone is dressed and ready, I yell a little bit and we are out the door.

dayinthelife-78 dayinthelife-79

But, for the love of all that is holy, we CANNOT forget DeeDee.

We drop some kids off at school, then get my Starbucks. There’s one thing I’m not willing to give up on this god-awful diet of mine. Starbucks.

I feed the baby again, change some more diapers, then decide to tackle the dishes in the sink while getting Maria set up with her school work.


dayinthelife-83 dayinthelife-89 dayinthelife-90

The dishes, like laundry, never end. I once thought I was genius by buying throwaway cups for my kids to use during the day until I figured out that I was spending so much freaking money on cups. WHY do they get a new cup every time they get water? They get water every 10 minutes! I don’t want to do the math on that right now, but I’m here to tell you that it wasn’t cost effective. So now we just do a lot of dishes.

Sometime between school drop off and another school drop off (yes, multiple drop offs), Ollie decides to do something really naughty. Today, it was this:


Oh, that’s just my blood-red lipstick. All over her lips. It stains really well, you guys. It also is pretty thick and you learn this quickly when you try and clean it up off the bathroom cupboard doors and floors. So, naturally, I gave her a stern “No,” which resulted in the saddest tears you’ve ever seen. So I gave her a peace offering of cheese.

Cheese is her love language.


I also happened to have a doctor’s appointment (6 week post partum checkup…how is that possible?!) so I quickly curled some (more) hair and got little bodies out the door after also making lunch for Alice to take to school. This outing required a kid-transfer at the doctor’s office since Alice needed to be at school (and Charlotte picked up) right in the middle of my appointment.

dayinthelife-91 dayinthelife-92 dayinthelife-94

(that is a picture of the doctor’s office.)

I get home, after Dan has done the school stuff, and feed the monsters lunch. I also see that Charlotte has thrown off her school clothes and very quickly changed into a princess dress. Standard.

dayinthelife-97 dayinthelife-99 dayinthelife-98

We talk about school and she shows me her work from the day.


After Maria eats, I crack the whip and put her back to work. So much work for a 9 year old. *sigh* Worst. Teacher. Ever.

She’s learning how to compose and properly write letters. So if you receive one in the mail (I’m talking to you, Rihanna), please reply. And also send free stuff. We like free stuff.


Then I have her read the newest Time for Kids (homeschoolers…it’s SO worth it to subscribe to this!). If you know Maria, you know it was completely her idea to dress like her….


Then after I set her up with the rest of her afternoon work, change some diapers, feed a baby, and put the 2 year old down for a nap, I do the following:

dayinthelife-105 dayinthelife-101 dayinthelife-109



Read. (and plan)

That lasts all of an hour though before I have to go and get the kids from school.

We get home and I have Maria practice violin, Jamie snuggles up and does his own thing (read), and the girls play ponies.

 adayinthelife-86 adayinthelife-83 adayinthelife-87

After I feed Francesca again and get an after school snack for the other kids, I put her down to play.


adayinthelife-67 adayinthelife-78


Then I get dinner started. We bought 1/2 a cow from our good friends through the Boys and Girls Club Auction and it was the best decision everrrrrrr. We have beef coming out our ears. Tonight I went with this recipe and it was so good and easy, you guys.

adayinthelife-88 adayinthelife-89 adayinthelife-93

And corn muffins.


And roasted cauliflower.


With 6 kids you set everything up assembly line style.


And then this guy gets home. My favorite part of the day. After Starbucks. Obviously.


We get the kids set up and then eat together in peace. I know, this goes against my whole post a long while back about eating together as a family, but sometimes mom and dad need time alone.

adayinthelife-103 adayinthelife-105

Then it’s a little more laundry, a little more cleaning.

The baby, who is good as gold, falls asleep.

dayinthelife-103 dayinthelife-108

This carpet really, truly, is that color. And now it’s clean (even though it may not look it!).

adayinthelife-111 adayinthelife-112 dayinthelife-106

And then, thinking it might never arrive, it’s bath and jammie time!!!!


I get the other ones settled and ready for bed and then make my way to my room.

adayinthelife-113 adayinthelife-118

And every night, without fail, this little bug makes her way in.

Sneaky like a fox.


And that’s our Thursday. Each day is different of course. On Tuesdays, there is violin and dance. On wednesday, there is First Communion prep. On Friday, more dance. There are play dates and dinners and birthday parties on any given day. Our life is busy, and so is yours.


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