Olive is 2


Today we woke up to a 2 year old.

Ollie is the happiest baby we’ve had. She’s always easy going and only recently has she started learning a little bit about sass. She goes to bed without a fuss and sleeps all night long in her big girl bed. I go in to get her in the morning and she’s happily sitting on her bed reading a book. She gives kisses and hugs without thinking twice and she’s started talking a lot. Like…actual words that people can understand. She’s a kid now.

We celebrated this kid last night. I started out in the afternoon making cookies.

Ollieis2-61 Ollieis2-62 Ollieis2-66 Ollieis2-77

Making cookies is quite the process and requires lots of waiting: waiting for the cookie dough to chill. Waiting for it to chill again. Waiting for the cookies to cool. Waiting for the first layer of frosting to cool….you get the idea. So that took basically all afternoon. But then the kids and I decorated a little bit.

Ollieis2-87 Ollieis2-85

It was a princess party. I decided against a big party because, basically, I’m freaking exhausted. A Walmart cake and princesses scattered about would do and she’d be happier anyway. It was perfect.


 Ollieis2-100     Ollieis2-104

She opened her gifts and was thrilled: a set of princess figures, a Frozen towel, a Frozen tea set, a new baby doll and a Sophia the First dress. Could life get any better?

And this morning she woke up to balloons.

Ollieis2-119 Ollieis2-140

She had her favorite breakfast of waffles with syrup and some pink milk.

Ollieis2-146 Ollieis2-150 Ollieis2-153 Ollieis2-158

And after the kids woke up, she opened up her gifts from us: a Minnie Mouse tea set and…


Yup. A potty.

Year 3 will be fantastic.


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