A Cautionary Tale

This is a story about a mom of six who took her 5 young children (youngest being a week and 1/2 old) on a road trip to Seattle.

This mom had just gotten over a tummy bug. The worst kind of bug there is. This bug was a violent bug. I’ll spare you the details.

In this story, one of the children starts puking on the way to Seattle. Another gets sick the day after, all over the hotel room floor and bed, requiring SO MUCH laundry to be done. Another gets sick just hours later. Again, all over the bed.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The bug was passed on from the mom and her children on to the uncles, the aunt and the Lala and Papa.

So, naturally, the mom spent basically the whole trip with this face:


The face that says: “Happy holidays?…and I’m so very sorry.”

Moral of the story: a road trip with 5 children in the midst of a stomach bug is a horrible idea.

But we went over with only the best intentions.

My dad is having treatment in Seattle (he has lymphoma) so the girls and I wanted to go with them which was a great idea because it’s a short flight from San Francisco where Patrick lives and not too long of a drive for Josh from Portland. Add in a couple extras like Lily and the kids and BAM! the fam’s back together. Pat and Josh get to meet Franci, the kids get uncle time, and we get to tell the story all about that one trip we took to Seattle during dad’s cancer treatment that we all got violently ill.

We’re so fun.

But in all honesty, it was actually fun. We went to the aquarium.

20141220_151109 20141220_151136 20141220_151152

20141220_151027 20141220_150153 20141220_151333


On Friday when my dad was receiving chemo, I took the girls to Bellevue Square and we played and played at the play space.

20141221_120620 20141221_120505

And we ate Red Mango.

20141219_123640 20141219_123718

We saw Shari and Steve.


And I got lots of snuggle time with the tiny kitten.


And while we were on this getaway, Danny and Jamie were having their own adventure in San Diego visiting Lego Land, the zoo and our friends Brad and Andrea.

Crazy….We. Are. Crazy.


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