1 Week

As you can probably imagine, most of my  new posts will probably revolve around life with a newborn. Because right now, that’s our life and it’s amazing and wonderful and beautiful and that’s what I want to share.

Franci is 1 week old and is still perfect. Maybe even more.



Honestly, she’s a dream baby. She rarely cries. For real. Sometimes she’ll fuss at night when I’ve slept through her initial grunts and kitten noises asking for a snack. But for the most part, she’s so happy and content. She’s so used to the noise in this zoo of a house that nothing bothers her.

Speaking of zoo…

1week-111 1week-120

My wild animals love her.

I ordered these masks from the sweetest girl, Jessica, who owns Opposite of Far. I thought they were perfect for my assortment of animals I have here.

But as for Franci, she’s done so much in her first week. We’ve gone to the Nutcracker to see Maria dance. We’ve done lunch with the godparents. She’s done date night with Mama and Daddy, visits to Lala and Papa’s, car rides and sibling holds and church on Sunday. She’s so well traveled.


And this week is just as busy. Tomorrow we have newborn pictures and her first out-of-the-hospital doctor’s appointment. Wednesday she’s coming with me to my hair appointment and then we’re going back to the hospital for her second heel poke. Newborns are busy.


But she doesn’t mind, she just goes along with anything.

All 10 perfect toes…


…that perfect, sweet-smelling head….


…and the sweetest face. That I get to kiss on and hold and snuggle all day long.


I wasn’t sure I could get any luckier than I already was with my 5 beautiful and sweet children, but it looks like it’s possible.

Happy 1 week, Francesca!



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