The Sixth

Sorry, I’ve been a little absent lately. I’ve been busy with kid’s school projects, ballet recitals, drop offs, pick ups and…..oh, yeah.



Francesca Leilani was born Sunday, December 7th at 12:49 am. Yes, her due date.

7lbs 11.8 oz and 20.25 perfect inches.

You guys. She is the best.


So here it is, the birth story:

I woke up Saturday the 6th not thinking I was going to have the baby that weekend. I was being induced in 2 days so I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I’d be enduring pitocin-fueled contractions and have one of those nightmare induction births that people talk about all the time. I went to the LCSC craft fair to see my friends Suzanne and Jen, walked around a bit, bought a slouchy beanie (that detail is not important) then headed home. Later that afternoon I got ready and headed down to the Center for Arts and History because I was scheduled to work at the alternative giving fair for the Willow Center. Whoops, Ruthie messed up and was actually scheduled for Friday. Yep, story of my life. So instead of doing that, I called Megan and we went to TJ Maxx to do a little stocking stuffer shopping.

Nothing rigorous.

At 6:00 I got home to do Maria’s hair and makeup for The Nutcracker and left to take her. at 6:15 I felt my first contraction and said, “Ouch…geez.” To which Maria replied, “C’mon, Franci, it’s time to come out.” I dropped Ria off and on the way home, another contraction. Back at home, Danny got tacos from Tacos Cecy (the best) but I couldn’t eat them. I kept getting contractions, pretty regularly spaced and pretty painful. Finally I decided to go to my mom’s to take a bath (we don’t have a bath at our house) because ‘they’ say that if they stop after a bath, they aren’t real labor contractions but if they get more intense or continue, they probably are. Well, they continued and I asked my mom if maybe she wanted to leave her house in 15 minutes, come get me, then walk the hospital stairs then get checked out. Well duh she did. But we never got around to walking the stairs because the contractions were just too painful. My aunt Tracy went to our house so Danny could come to the hospital (we wanted to wait till I was admitted before finding a sitter and going through all that) and it was time.

I checked in, got checked out and was 3cm, 80% effaced. 2 hours later, 5 cm. Yep, admitted around 8:45.


My friends arrived (tara, hailey and sadie), the laughing gas arrived, and the wait began.


It’s true that you forget how badly it hurts. It hurts SO BAD. The laughing gas doesn’t take the pain away, but it makes it so that you don’t really concentrate on it too much if that makes sense. Around 11, the doctor on call finally broke my water. I thought for sure it’d go crazy fast after that but it didn’t go as quickly as I thought it would. I mean, by many people’s laboring standards it did, but I thought I’d go from a 5 to complete in less than an hour. But it took a little time on the yoga ball, a little time in the bed, and finally that pressure. The kind that is so intense that you’re not sure you can take it.

But with just a couple pushes, Franci was out.



Lots of hair and perfect features.

Really, she’s so dreamy.



I stayed for 2 nights…actually 3 if you count the night I was in labor. The hospital was crazy busy with babies and we had lots of visitors. Sometimes they even got suckered into changing diapers.



On Tuesday, we came home to 5 kids who were over the moon excited. They were all so sweet and gentle and are so happy that finally Francesca is here.




Best Christmas ever.


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