Hey, Alice….dreams


Sometimes the kids wake up and right away want to tell me about the dream they had the night before. Usually if it has NOTHING to do with anything we’ve talked about in the last 2 minutes, I know it’s legit. (But if I tell them I’m making pancakes and they claim to have dreamt about giant pancakes…I know they’re full of it).  Alice isn’t one to let her siblings one-up her.

Charlotte: “You guys, wanna hear about my dream? I had a dream that me and mama were in Cupcake Wars [this is a show on food network we enjoy] and we made these really really huge cupcakes and a vampire bat came out of them!”

Alice: “Hmmm. Well wanna know my dream?”

Charlotte: “Yes!!”

Alice: “I had a dream we were actually in Cupcake Wars. And I made the biggest cupcake ever. And I won first place. A big trophy. So…did you win a big trophy?”

Alice wins again.


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