Party Season

Party season has begun. Let me tell you something that no one tells you when you decide to have a large family: many children love many parties. If you do a party once, you are pretty much locked in for many years worth. I mean, you have choices to make and one choice could be “no parties” but I will admit I’m a sucker. I’m a sucker for doing things with my kids that I know they’ll remember when they’re old with their own kids. They’ve come to look forward to Halloween so much, mostly for our party.

And it’s nothing outrageous and it’s nothing special. It’s pizza and dessert and treat bags. Liquor for adults (because adult beverages are necessary). But they love it and remember it and they spend the night running around like hellions and take forever to get to sleep and then are monsters in the morning and make it so their sweet mother spends an hour straight yelling at them to “get up or you have lost ALL HALLOWEEN PRIVILEGES!!!” So I throw the damn party.

halloweenparty14-34 halloweenparty14-40 halloweenparty14-51

Here’s the trick to decor: go to JoAnns the week of Halloween when everything is 60-70% off and then use one of the coupons they have at the front (they always have coupons at the front) and you basically get things for free.


Throw some foam crafts on the table with glue and markers. Activites: done.

Put out the rest of what you own…extra points if they move or light up.halloweenparty14-41 halloweenparty14-43 halloweenparty14-44(I think this looks a little spooky because of the dust effect. I placed that dust there.)

My favorite collection I have (you guys, I have so many collections. Washi tape, twine, vintage kids’ books…the list goes on) is my collection of Mexican art, mostly centered around Day of the Dead. Sometimes I keep it out all year long, sometimes I bring it out only towards the end of October. Either way, it’s my favorite.

halloweenparty14-37 halloweenparty14-39

I mean, look at that. It’s hysterical and awesome.

halloweenparty14-33 halloweenparty14-48 halloweenparty14-49

(easiest treat ever. marshmallows dipped in orange candy melts, green ribbon, and sharpie on the outside package)

halloweenparty14-50 halloweenparty14-52 halloweenparty14-53

Goody bags make a party. Am I right?

halloweenparty14-54These are necessary for my anxiety. I put them on every door that I am afraid people might open: my room, our laundry room, etc. It works. Those suckers are deathly afraid of monsters.

Know what is really hard and the worst part of the parties? Not being able to invite all of our friends. If we invited every child in every class plus their siblings and parents, that’s a crazy number. That doesn’t even count our friends who don’t go to school with us. So I told the kids they could each invite 3 and it was really hard for them to choose just 3. But they did it. Ugh.

Happy Halloweek!


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