Weekend Fun. No, chaos. No, Fun.

I have a love/hate relationship with the weekends. That’s being a little dramatic. My relationship with Friday nights through Sunday evenings isn’t awful at all. But it’s busy, whether we have plans or not. All the kids are home at all times, making messes with every step. The bathrooms are always trashed, the cupboards are always open and they never stop talking to me. So to make life easier on myself and Danny, we like to go out and do things. Because, believe it or not, having plans and going out is sometimes easier than staying at home, stressed out about messes.

Yes, I stress out about every single mess or clutter I see on my floors and countertops. Surprise.

This weekend started with a pretty intense start. Dan and I made the kids go downstairs while we started American Horror Story. Holy scary, you guys. I hadn’t watched it when it first aired, so it was all new to me and it is seriously disturbing and scary. Watch it.

But then on Saturday after breakfast at Waffles n More we took the kids downtown to the trick or treating thing the businesses do.

I just want all of you moms to know that I apologize. I’m really sorry if you had your hopes up and thought you might be in the running for Mom of the Year Award.


Because clearly, this year, the coveted award goes to me. Ruthie.




Never in 100 million years would these be costumes I’d choose for my kids.


You guys. That’s Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I hope she doesn’t go anywhere near a flame because I’m fairly certain that fabric will ignite and burn like the dickens.


I’m not sure you guys are understanding.

Ruthie let her kids choose their own costumes this year.

Quite frankly, I never thought that would happen. But this mama is tired. Izzy cost less than $20, the Elsa dress is a dress up dress my mom got for Charlotte, Maria’s odd ensemble is from TJ Maxx (although she has a dress up number ready for actual Halloween), Jamie’s is, literally, a Martha Stewart curtain panel and ribbon I found at my mom’s house, while poor Olive is wearing an old hand-me-down until her costume is finished this week.

I was tired this year.


And I’ve obviously let my standards go to shit because that’s Charlotte and Maria, sitting on the sidewalk of downtown, feeding each other pixie sticks.

Save me.


But the kids had a blast. They’re a lot happier when they get to choose their own costumes. Who’d have thought?

The rest of the day was spent cleaning up, Danny installing baseboards in Jamie’s newly painted room (it looks awesome), and then ending with a final binge watch of American Horror Story: Season 1. I can’t wait to watch season 2.

And then today we went to our church bazaar. We switched parishes this year which was really hard. I grew up going to Parish #1. My grandparents, my parents, and Danny and I were all married there. My kids got baptized there. It’s a beautiful church with a lot of sentimental meaning to me. But the 3 parishes in the town across the river were joining into one, complete with a brand-new building.

I know. The church isn’t the building itself, but the community and the tradition that happens inside. But, uhh…..bs. For me, part of the tradition was knowing my grandma and grandpa sat in the exact same pews. Knowing my parents walked down the exact aisle and said their vows and that each of my children’s tiny little heads were held over the exact same baptismal font. So it’s really sad that my kids won’t grow up in that church, but moving to a gigantic building with 3 times as many parishioners made my anxiety go into overdrive so we switched to Parish #2. I’m quite pleased.

Mostly because there’s a really good chance of us winning $2500 from the church bazaar we attended today. And by “good” chance, I mean that we bought 100 tickets. There were thousands in there. So, I mean, we probably won’t win, but the kids have been talking about what they’re going to buy if we do. You guys, we’re going to have so many Lego sets, puppies, Barbies and iPads.

My parents joined us and it was exactly how I’d pictured it would be. A baked goods table, a raffle ticket table, some crafts, and then a turkey dinner. I love church stuff like that — when you know exactly what to expect and it’s all very old fashioned and traditional. The kids liked it, too, especially when Daddy took them out to play on the playground afterwards.

haveheart-21 haveheart-22

Now that’s cute.

And we ended the day with hot chocolate and whipped cream. Home made whipped cream.


Because…..mom of the year.


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