What They Wore

Today, 4 of the 5 kittens are featured. Maria did her morning work in her pajamas and refused to let me take a picture of her, saying that pjs isn’t really fashion. I disagree. But Maria usually wins, so it’s just the little ones today.



Jcrew top || Hanna Anderrson pants || Adidas shoes

It might look like Jamie couldn’t be in a better mood, but the truth is that I’m not sure he could be in a worse mood! This morning was a struggle. He didn’t want to wake up so I let him sleep in a little later than normal. Which was a bad idea because then he was cranky about rushing. His waffle “didn’t taste right,” he kept forgetting socks when he went upstairs, and he kept wearing a blanket like a cape so when he walked around, he’d drag around anything that was on the floor which made me really cranky (which made him cranky). Rough. Morning.



Zara chambray top || Zara cords || Dansko clogs

But this one? She is rarely in a bad mood. I mean, yeah, she totally yells and cries when she doesn’t get her way, but her overall mood is always quite happy. Even when she wakes up in the middle of the night telling us our bed is wet. She had a good chuckle over that one.



Target “fur” vest || Tucker and Tate romper || Zara boots

Let’s talk about this. Tiny children in fur vests might be my new favorite thing. Mostly because she looks so hilarious I laugh whenever I look at her. The romper is actually long john pjs but she doesn’t mind. They’re quite comfy.



Zara top || Zara leggings || Jcrew shoes

“Mom! These pants feel so weird and they’re a little bit big!” Well, Alice, has anyone ever told you that fashion was painless and easy? No? Be a trooper and get through it.

That’s how our conversation went this morning. What, exactly, about ‘rubberized’ leggings could be uncomfortable? Oh, Alice, she is a trooper because she hasn’t complained since. And how awesome does she look? I die.


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