20 Things

Do you want to know 20 things about me? Yes? Read on.

No? Well I don’t think you’re very interesting either.


20. I love french toast. LOVE it. When I was in Palm Springs with my pals, I had the most delicious crunchy french toast with caramel and sometimes I dream about it.

19. I hate mingling….but I happen to be good at it. When I’m at a large gathering, I can talk to lots of different people, different ages, etc and get through the night. But when I get home, I’ll spend way too long wondering if I said anything offensive or stupid or wrong or if I had something in my teeth the whole time or toilet paper on my shoe.

18. I don’t like people touching me.


There are a total of maybe 10 people on this earth I don’t mind hugging, and that includes my children. When someone comes in for a hug I start sweating and I panic and it’s a horrible anxious feeling. The same goes for pats on the back, touching my hair, and for the love of god, never touch my face.

17. I’m not an animal person. And I feel bad about it. My kids (especially Maria) LOVE animals. All of them. I think animals smell bad and they are annoying and if their wet noses touch me, I sanitize.

16. Speaking of smell, I have the best sense of smell of anyone I’ve ever met. I can smell something that is so far away — which either makes me really happy or really disgusted. Usually disgusted.

15. My favorite hobby is searching for kids clothes. And adding them to an online shopping cart. Maria is the only one who really appreciates fashion, so I just force it on the rest of them. I constantly have about 6 online shopping carts going at a time, with any of them seldom being ‘checked out.’ They’re just there to look pretty.

14. I hate dark chocolate. Hate is a strong word.

13. I’m a children’s book snob. We have hundreds of books at our house but I’m very particular about which ones are displayed and which ones I will read to my kids. Which kind of defeats the purpose because, really, I should read them whatever they want so they love reading. But luckily they love reading no matter what I read them so I’m good. (I hate board books except for Baby Lit and Cozy Classics — I’m obsessed with those)

12. I LOVE giving gifts. From picking out the perfect thing for someone to wrapping it up super cute — it’s my favorite.

11. Hardly a moment passes during the day when I’m not worrying: about my health, about my kids, about decisions I’ve made, etc. It makes me absolutely exhausted by bedtime. Somehow, I’ve learned to live with this and I’m still able to be REALLY happy a great majority of the time and have fun and be excited, too. Weird balance.

10. If I had to spend my free time doing one thing, it’d be planning and throwing parties. Every detail is important to me from the color of napkins to who designs and prints the invites. I spend way more time than I should planning my kids’ birthday parties especially because those little rats rarely appreciate it.

9. I have neither time nor tolerance for people who are mean for no reason, who pick on the ‘little guys,’ who think they are better than everyone else, or who give nothing yet expect much in return. While I love to pretend this is a really admiral quality, it’s not. Because, chances are, everyone you meet in life will do one of these things at some point, so it would really be better if I could let more things roll off my shoulders, be more go with the flow, and just be easy going (like Danny). But alas, I am my father’s daughter.

8. I’m REALLY awful at finding great deals and pouncing on them. I’m always so jealous of people who tell me they paid next to nothing for adorable kids clothes, fancy dresses, amazing shoes, or anything else under the sun. I miss all the good deals and have no clue how to look for them.

7. I’m the meanest wife and don’t let Dan fall asleep before me. Because who really likes to hang out alone and watch tv while their spouse is snoring?! Not me. I’m not above pinching and kicking to keep him awake.

6. I desperately want to go to Greece and Spain. Someday.

5. I’m horrible at fixing my own hair. I still think a middle part is just fine. (most of the time, it’s not)

4. My favorite holiday is Christmas, hands down, with Halloween coming in a close second. The kids get SO excited for each of these, it’s totally worth all the prep.

3. I have lots of online friends who have no idea I exist. This sounds WAY creepier than it truly is. I promise. But I just KNOW lots of these bloggers and business owners would love to grab a coffee with me sometime. Or maybe just text each other. Because I’m a really good texter.

2. My absolute dream job would be to write for a magazine — like, a magazine that receives lots of swag from companies who want promoted. Maybe, oh, I dunno, a kids’ fashion magazine. Maybe Lucky for kids. Or maybe something like that. Coming in second would be a pharmacist. Because I wanna know all about medications and such for when we get invaded by zombies. .

1. When Danny and I had Maria 9 years ago, I never dreamt or thought or wished to have six babies eventually. It’s crazy that in a couple months we’ll have our sixth baby!! But it feels 100% complete with Francesca on the way. I know I was made to be a mama to lots of little ones and I know that when we’re old and retired, having lots of family around will be the absolute best.


2 thoughts on “20 Things

  1. Lindsay

    I am a book snob, too. We actually just returned from B&N where the girls had gift cards to spend and I texted Adam saying “Lucy’s love of cartoon characters drives me crazy. She is passing up all these gorgeous books for My Little Pony!”. And i was trying to bite my tongue because it was HER money she was spending, after all.

    Also, giving gifts is my own personal hell. Not because I don’t love people and am so selfish I don’t want to give them things. No. Because I stress for weeks about picking the perfect thing, then buy something either completely random OR completely over the top because I just.don’t.know.what.to.pick. Its the pits.


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